Making better choices.


Said the person who doesn’t know about eating disorders. When you have dealt with eating disorders all your life all you do and think about is food. Being home alone and on bed rest this is a perfect combination for a binge eating episode for me. But not this time, there isn’t much I can do or control from the comfort of my sofa but I can control what goes into my mouth.


I know you think….how hard can it be….you either make good choices or bad choices but not everyone’s mind always works in black in white or left to right. When you have issues with food you think a bite here or bite there won’t hurt me. Or the famous, if no one sees me eating it no one will know. (Which trust me they may not see you but your body will snitch on you.)

This time spent home alone has not been easy for me but I’m doing the best I can.


I know the importance of stating hydrated for your body and to help with cravings and hunger. It could be so easy to just pop a can open especially since we have my favorite Strawberry Fanta but nope I’m brewing my own drink and adding chia seeds for an extra pow.


I love my Mr. and he is taking good care of me and he has been cooking but also buying out. Lunch today, could had been a burrito supreme but I went for 2 Mahi-Mahi patties for 200 calories compared to that yummy burrito for 410 calories.


Snacks??? Yup, we have then in the house too but we also have fruits. So that crunching sounds you hear are not coming from chips they are called “jocotes” if you haven’t try them, you should.

Each day is going to be a struggle but you can’t let that stop you. No one is prefect and every day will bring new choices and you just have to learn to deal with them one at a time. If not now, when???


Eating myself to health.


Nom…nom…nom…going thru a fruit craving stage. Which my family is indulging and I am happy that they are. Being that I can’t go out due to my foot surgery I have time to read up on different benefits of fruits and vegetables. One of my favorite being beets.


Growing up my mom always ate them for the benefits they provide but you could not make me. Then one day she forced me to have them and hours later I went on full blown panic attack at 8 years old thinking I was bleeding to death. lol About a year ago I found out all the good benefits of eating them and gave them another tried and loved them. Recently I even discover that they are so good raw and now here I am….a lover of beets.


But not just beets now adays I’m willing to try it all. Anything that will help to heal my body in a natural way I’m for it. I been thinking lately that I really need to take better care of body and I don’t want to stay popping pills. Going to work on eating less process food and eat more food from the ground.


Not sure how this will go but since life is a journey I am going to do my best to enjoy it and not focus on a destination.

For now I’m going to focus on doing what I can to help my foot heel and not have to take so much pain killers. I want to work to better myself from the inside out and the rest will follow.

Is there a fruit or vegetable that you stand by for it’s benefits? Do tell me which one and why.

2 Years Later…


Wow, how time flies!!! Woke up this morning remembering that I used to have a blog page and after having to resent my password (couldn’t remember it for the life of me) here I am.

So much has happened in 2 years that I don’t even know where to start. But most recently my health has decline and then I had to stop working in July which has left me ALOT of free time on my hands.

Some of that time which has been used to spend time with my mom. We do not have a close relationship but lately things have started to change and we are enjoying spending time together at the gym and my new found love…HOT YOGA!

When I first lost my job I thought the stress of it would kill me and to add to it my body has not been holding up at it’s best but when I’m in the hot room I seem to forget about everything and just focus on ME and how much I can do on that day.


But for a few weeks there will be no hot yoga for me. I just had surgery on 11/13 and will be on crutches for a few weeks as soon as my stitches come out next week.

In the mean time I’m enjoying the Mr. (He cut opened this coconut for me.) and mom taking care of me which is in a way also NOT a good thing because all they do is feed me. Which normally I wouldn’t complain about but haven’t been able to do #2 since Wednesday so that is NO BUENO.


My solution for right now….a new found fruit thanks to mom….Persimmons. They look like a cut between a tomato and a plum with the taste and texture of an over ripped sweet tomato. Hope they do the trick as I don’t want to do anything to harsh for fear that I will not make it to the bathroom in time on one foot.

So in the mean time I will be doing some catching up with my Netflix, reading and trying not to eat myself into a coma. And now since I have all this free time why not go back to giving blogging another chance.

Stay tune as Sandy’s World Turns. 🙂


Life is Good

The lord knows my life is not perfect but it’s GOOD so I can’t complaint and I just spent a few days home with my family and I wouldn’t have change a thing.


Thanksgiving was great and I started it off with a 5k that morning. Dinner also was a success and I stuck to my pescetarian diet and had NO turkey and didn’t miss it. Although I did part-take in the dessert consumption after all I baked everything and you only live ones.

More excitingly we joined a gym as a family so now we I can have my family with me and not feel bad for taking time to go workout because they are with me.

For this and alot more I am thankful this year and hope to continue to feel blessed. What is something you are thankful for this year?




Chica’s Fit Pal Exchange

Remember when we were kids and we would be so excited for Christmas to get here because we knew we would have xmas gifts??? Well I have decided why not feel like that now as adults too.

So, I am starting a xmas “Chica’s Fit Pal Exchange” if you would like to be part of it just let me know and inbox me your email address. You have to signed up by Friday, November 30 with an email so I can provide it to your exchange buddy. On Dec. 1, I will do the name exchange for everyone who wants to participate. Then it will be your job to contact each other to exchange mailing addresses and to find out alittle bit about each other and get an idea about what to sent the other person.


*Your package MUST include a personal note of encouragement.

*Try to make it at least $10-$20 (If u can/want to spend more you can.)

*Keep in mind that your package should be health related so no sending junk food.


-No one but your exchange pal will have the mailing address you choose.

-It is YOUR job to contact each other and to get an address to sent your package.

-I can NOT guarantee that someone will sent you a package BUT I would hope that we are all good hearted people and will not do each other wrong. That would really suck especially around the holidays.

-You are responsible to pay for the shipping cost of your package.

-If you ship “glass” make sure it is packaged properly to prevent it from breaking.

-If you want to sent a home-made goodie ask your pal first if they would be ok with that. Some people might prefer packaged goods.

-If you sell a product you are welcome to sent samples but please do not push your pal into joining or buying.

Ideas of what you can send

Homemade card or a store bought one

Inspirational notebook or book

Neck laces, earrings, ring

Health products you personally love

socks, gloves, hat

Products you would like others to try like maybe a specific type of :

Dry fruit, granola bars, cookies, running gel or snack, rice, pasta, shake ect

Be creative…think about what YOU would like your package to look like and what the person has told you about themselves and go from there.

The main purpose of this is to get to know someone new and to make their holiday alittle brighter.  Also keep in mind that my page is all about trying to live a healthier life so I would like for you guys to stay in that theme so we can help each other reach our holidays goals.

Thank you in advance and if you have any questions email me.


Hello Blog World

Have had some exciting days going on so here is alittle recap of some of it…

Sandy as u all know hit the east coast and also my healthy living. I was doing so great and working so hard for Oct. until she ruined it for me. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy so maybe it was not all her fault but she didn’t help.  So the last 5 days before my weight in after a month and I FAILED….lol

Well, I shouldn’t say fail b/c I still was able to get the scale to move down 2.2 pounds.  I know weight loss is more than just about the number on the scale but I really wish that number would move downward more. For November my goal is to get to Onderland (under 200)

Another goal for November is to try and eat more of a “clean diet” and to cooperate it to the kids and the Mr. so that we can all work on living a healthier lifestyle.  My daughter is very excited about it because I have promise to let her help me with food prep and I am glad she is excited.  She is one of my main reasons why I started this “mission” I don’t want here growing up with weight issues or insecurities.

Oh, and talking about cleaning eating…guess who has been a Pescetarian for ONE whole month as of yesterday (Nov. 4) MEEEEEEEEEEEE. It really hasn’t been that hard and I have enjoyed it so far. Only the Mr. I think is getting tired of all the fish lol But yesterday to celebrate my 1 month I tried a new recipe and he didn’t want to try it but I made him at least try it and he asked for second.

Now, I can’t wait to see what “No”vember bring for me. So for now here was a final good bye to October (we had Halloween party this past weekend) and here it is to November. Looking forward to bigger better things to come and I plan to end 2012 with a BANG!!!!!!



A week passed???

Wow time flies when you have 100 things going on at once. I swear if it hasn’t been one thing it has been another so here is a quick update as to the past week.

Cheribundi, sent me the 12 pack I won thru CheriRunsThis giveaway. They are pretty good so I have been going around tasting them and sharing. 🙂


My friend sent me a picture from last year for my daughter’s birthday and what a difference from last year.  I am so glad to see these pictures because it helps me see the difference since my scale refuses to go down.


Which is the reason why I have decided to stop weighting this month. It really has become and addiction of getting on and off every single time I see the scale so now it is hidden…lol Also I stop tracking my calories for this month just to take a break and see how I do with just eating healthy and in correct portions.



Which maybe it will help that I decided to go pescetarian this month. In case you are wondering, pescetarian is the practice of a diet that includes seafood but not the flesh of other animals. A pescetarian diet shares many of its components with a vegetarian diet and includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy, but unlike a vegetarian diet also includes fish and shellfish. The main reason why I decided to go pescetarian is to support my good friend Jenny. She is going thru a medical situation and needed to go vegan for at least this month. So I decided I would join her but NO meat for me would be hard so I opt to go with just seafood. 🙂

Have you tried anything new so far this month?

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